Only 3 Baptisms? Guest Writer, Elder Kirk

Only 3 Baptisms? Guest Writer, Elder Kirk

Knowledge of the good that we do is sometimes withheld from us for the Lord's own purpose. These young elders and sisters who work so hard and face rejection and discouragement would do well to remember that 25 years from now they may receive a call or a letter from someone they met and served who went on to do great things in Israel.

Micro-Miracle Department

It was a Saturday afternoon, just after we had finished lunch, and we're getting ready to go out. We received a phone call from a random number, and so being the good missionaries that we are, we answered. On the other end was a man who introduced himself as Lucky, and he said that he wants to “become a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” He then asked if we could meet on Sunday afternoon. The next day, we went to meet with him, and he invited some of his friends to meet with us, and we set a baptismal date with him and his friend, Alfred, and also his friend Omar, who’s a Muslim, but is very interested in learning more. Later we received a referral for Lucky's friend Gloria who is also almost ready to be baptized!

Elder Draper, Karlsruhe

2015 Christmas Initiative

The Christmas initiative for 2015 is now not only spreading through the Germany Frankfurt Mission, but also throughout the world in dozens of languages and even in more countries. Here in Germany. it offers missionaries like Elders McBride and Hall, who are assigned to the American ward in Kaiserslautern, an opportunity to wish members and nonmembers alike Merry Christmas, and more importantly, give them a chance to invite others to come to Christ and learn more from the Church’s website and even schedule a visit. “We want our missionaries to always take the initiative and look for ways to make friends and start conversations,” said President Stoddard. “And, we should always take advantage of every opportunity like this one when we can.”